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Leonore Mau’s estate comprises several categories of materials: negatives, contact sheets, colour slides, colour negatives, b/w and colour prints, and publications, concerning which more details in regard to their quantity, state of indexing and extent of their digitisation will be made available on the website.

For more extensive research, please contact:

For internal research, a locally stored Excel chart is available that comprises some 4,674 motif records. Here you will find all the information you need for your research, such as details of location and date, keywords for the motifs and an indication whether contact sheets for the respective negative are available.

Overview of all materials


Number: approx. 6,300 original prints

Format: Various sizes of paper, predominantly 24 x 30 and 30 x 40 cm, gelatin silver prints on baryta paper and PE paper

Conservation: The prints are archivally stored in 118 acid-free boxes, with 5 additional boxes for large-format prints packed with interleaving paper in climatised storage in Berlin-Friedrichshagen

Negatives, contact sheets, colour slides, colour negatives

Overall number: approx. 112,200 motifs

Number of negatives: approx. 66,700

Number of colour slides: approx. 45,400

Number of colour negatives: approx. 100

Number of contact sheets: approx. 1,415

Formats: 35mm format, large-format (6x6cm) and special formats (exceptional cases)

Conservation: The negatives, colour slides and colour negatives are stored in 36 acid-free files. The contact sheets are being kept in 72 separate acid-free files and are currently in storage at the bpk-Bildagentur on the Märkisches Ufer (as of July 2022)

Digitised photographic materials (b/w and colour prints, negatives and colour slides)

Number: approx. 1,600 motifs have been compiled in the bpk databank (as of July 2022) 

Quality: of these, approx. 900 motifs have been digitised with a resolution of 300 dpi on A3. All other motifs are available as research material that can be accessed for research on request from the bpk-Bildagentur. 

Number of motifs on the Leonore Mau website: The Leonore Mau website will include a curated selection of motifs. For reasons related mostly to the sensitive contexts in which some of the motifs originated, of the 900 motifs almost 850 can be viewed online (as of July 2022). 

Colour slide in inscribed frame
© Nathalie David

Original prints for the same motifs
© Marlene Burmeister

Contact sheet with markings
© Nathalie David

Reverse inscription of an original print
© Marlene Burmeister